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Hi Howard,

How far away is the horizon? Just an approximation. Marj mentioned
that it was "real soon now" in mid January. I loaded up the Beta at
that point and have had no problems. I know that there are supposed to
be a new routine or two added but when will it Beta stage again?


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Hi Robert,

Set your keypad to either 900 or 1200. The servo system is the same for
all three mounts, the 900GTO, 1200GTO and Mach1GTO. The next firmware
version will include a setting for the Mach1GTO to keep people from
worrying, but its parameters will be the same as those of the bigger
mounts. Since a new firmware version is on the horizon, we didn't want
to create a new iteration of 4.12 just to add the Mach1 to the choice

Mag. 7 skies!

Howard Hedlund

Astro-Physics, Inc.



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Subject: [ap-gto] New Mach1GTO question

I just received my new Mach1GTO(after a 6 year wait) three days ago and
because of work,
soccer and Little League games am just now starting to get it set up.
I'll first have to say that
the workmanship is really incredible. It is truely like a cross between
a handcrafted Swiss
watch and an Abrams M1 tank. It is solid yet exquisite. Cudos to you

Anyway, my first question is: under the setup menu, then the park/mount
opiton submenu,
should there be an option for the Mach1 mount? I only see the old
options. What should I key in? Does it even matter?


Robert Ham

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