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Hi Bob,

Just wondering how you manage to balance the FSQ with that massive
Proline hanging off the back of it? Are you running counterweights on
your mounting plates on the objective side? I am still waiting on
adapters but I am having some good head scratching sessions with my
155EDF and additional weight to simulate the Proline plus filter
wheel. I cannot slide the OTA forward anywhere close to a balance
point due to the additional weight of the field flattener plus the
camera and filter wheel. I am going to have to add weight to the
objective end. I hope to be able to use it with my Traveler as well
but that could be really interesting. Anyway, how are you managing
this with the FSQ?


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Hi Joe:

I have exactly the same problem on my AP900, same vintage, same
light well balanced load of FSQ/miniborg/FLI Proline. I diagnosed it
over the phone with AP, by swapping cables etc, to be a bad motor and
sent it back for repair. They looked at it, found nothing wrong except
a slight burnt electrical smell from the motor, didn't replace the
motor because they are "expensive", charged me a bunch a money and
returned it to me. I still have the same problem and haven't heard
from them in a week. Please let me know if you hear from them with a


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Haven't used the AP900 in a while. In spite of moon, (naturally) very
clear night. Traveler with STV/miniborg/STL11000. AP900 most recent
vintage. I believe very well balanced. Since I have an AP1200 also, I
traded out most of the cables, in attempt to isolate problem. AP900
Works fine for first 2-3 minutes, then red light on mount turns
and stops. Also slews in DEC just fine,also in RA W-E OK, but E-W
makes a straining noise. Any thoughts appreciated. Joe

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