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Bob Holzer <b.holzer@...>

Hi Joe:

I have exactly the same problem on my AP900, same vintage, same light well balanced load of FSQ/miniborg/FLI Proline. I diagnosed it over the phone with AP, by swapping cables etc, to be a bad motor and sent it back for repair. They looked at it, found nothing wrong except a slight burnt electrical smell from the motor, didn't replace the motor because they are "expensive", charged me a bunch a money and returned it to me. I still have the same problem and haven't heard from them in a week. Please let me know if you hear from them with a solution.


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Subject: [ap-gto] AP900 difficulties

Haven't used the AP900 in a while. In spite of moon, (naturally) very
clear night. Traveler with STV/miniborg/STL11000. AP900 most recent
vintage. I believe very well balanced. Since I have an AP1200 also, I
traded out most of the cables, in attempt to isolate problem. AP900
Works fine for first 2-3 minutes, then red light on mount turns yellow
and stops. Also slews in DEC just fine,also in RA W-E OK, but E-W
makes a straining noise. Any thoughts appreciated. Joe

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