What hemisphere am I in again?

Mike Chapa <mjchapa@...>


I haven't been doing much in the hobby the last year, but tried to
enjoy some views of the moon through my TEC160FL tonight. After
polar aligning, I looked at the moon for a while and then wondered
what some objects in Ursa Major might look like with a bright moon.
However, when I asked it to go to M51, etc., it said they were below
the horizon. I checked the date and time and location and they all
seemed fine. One of the pages said I couldn't change anything there
because I was in LOC:E--what does that mean?

I confess not to being an expert on the AP900GTO--I've always found
the handpaddle a bit non-intuitive and I'm often too lazy to read the
manual. But, I don't think it has ever done this before and it
always tracks like a dream. I'm running 4.07 I think. Can anyone
offer some advice how to fix this problem? I realigned 3 times and
turned the power off/on several times with realigning and nothing
changed. I tried polar align feature and 2 star align--same result.
Of note, the mount always returned spot-on to the alignment stars, it
just wouldn't slew to M# objects, etc. Thank you.

Mike Chapa

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