Re: New Mach1GTO question


Yes, it does matter. Set it as an AP900 or AP1200. It is dependent on
the number of teeth on the worm gears and the Mach1 is the same as the
900/1200. The 400/600 have fewer.


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I just received my new Mach1GTO(after a 6 year wait) three days ago
and because of work,
soccer and Little League games am just now starting to get it set
up. I'll first have to say that
the workmanship is really incredible. It is truely like a cross
between a handcrafted Swiss
watch and an Abrams M1 tank. It is solid yet exquisite. Cudos to
you Roland.

Anyway, my first question is: under the setup menu, then the
park/mount opiton submenu,
should there be an option for the Mach1 mount? I only see the old
options. What should I key in? Does it even matter?


Robert Ham

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