Re: Wanted badly, 3 bolts to mount AP900 plate to Meade LX200 tripod - help ?

Dominique Dierick


found the bolt type:

It is 5/16-18 with kinda coarse thread. I would need 3 of at least
60mm to fit the bill. Thanks for any help. I looked on ebay UK, but
not really a success, and from the US seems overkill by the volume -
usually packaged with hundred bolts :)

Needs to be countersunk.



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to mount an AP900 base plate to a meade lx200 tripod I would need 3
bolts that fit the LX200 head threaded holes.
I have short ones, but due to the nature of the tripod I need to make
room to accomodate and clear the central shaft nut.
I have an alu ring that fits the bill to lift the AP900 mounting
plate, but I know would need 3 longer bolts (about 6cm)
with conical head.

I have looked here everywhere in Belgium, but no-find. Of course I
don't know the exact thread size of the required
bolts, but perhaps someone has an LX200 tripod and knows, or could
provide me with 3 bolts (paid of course!).

Thanks for any help - if you can help, please contact me offline (or
if you know the exact thread size of the LX200 holes, that would be
nice too)


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