Re: Takahashi TOA-150 on AP 900GTO ?

Edd Weninger

AP makes several plates for the 900 with a variety of bolt patterns.
See their website. The AP rings for my AP155 bolt directly to the
plate. If you're lucky, the Tak rings might also. If they don't you
might only have to drill a few holes for the Tak bolt pattern.

Or see if AP rings will fit your Tak.

--- In, "nfoldager" <nf@...> wrote:

I want to attach my Takahashi TOA-150 refractor to my 900GTO.

I could purchase an appropriate dovetail and a Losmandy saddle.

However, the quick release is not important as this will be a
permanent setup.

Should I make a heavy aluminum base plate for the TAK rings and
it directly on the 900GTO?

Can such a plate be purchased? (I cannot CNC machine it myself)

I imagine that such a plate will be even more rugged than a
saddle system, but may be wrong. What do you think? Any experiences?

Any suggestion or comment is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Niels Foldager

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