Re: Pulsed LED on Polar Scope

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rick,

I guess I'm spoiled in wanting to use the LED to see the alignment reticle
a bit more easily. Besides, it is difficult to spot Polaris most times, and
nearly impossible in late dusk, around here.
Actually, at that point, without the LED lighting the reticle, it is almost as
easy to just bore-sight Polaris through the opening in the axles, like through
a tank canon (in the olden days).

However, the point I was trying to make is that with just a very few more
lines of firmware code, the LED blink rate could be added, thus improving the
way the PASILL scope works, as well as the user's LED reticle in his "guiding
eyepiece" plugged into the GTOCP3 reticle port.

There is no hardware or other costs involved, for AP to add this standard
capability. The firmware already allows the user to set the LED brightness -
so the added code could easily tap into that section of program to "dim the
Reticle port power to OFF", at regularly spaced intervals, set by the user.

I'm sure this was just a simple oversight at AP, since if they had thought
of it, they would have quickly included it in the latest firmware release.
Distribution and installation isn't an issue, because this could be easily
done in the next GTOCP3 Keypad firmware download. Certainly, there is ample
program space to add this.

Alignment (or guiding) using an LED illuminated reticle that is not
constantly distracting the eye, is much easier to use. Turning the LED off at
regular intervals makes seeing the target much easier. Surely, this would be a
good feature, easily implemented, and a considerable improvement in the way
the Reticle port operates.


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Hi Joe,
Here is a point of reference. I use Pasill2,3,&4 models. I can
easily line up the two stars from my home. I am right next to LAX
airport and do the alignment looking right over LAX and into
downtown Los Angeles with streetlights very close, so I am in a near
worst case light pollution situation. I can do it without
illumination at dusk or with any source of red light after full
darkness. I have even used a red flashlight with a cupped hand to
direct light into the polar scope.
Thanks, Rick

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