Re: Pulsed LED on Polar Scope

Wiggins, Rick

Hi Joe,
Here is a point of reference. I use Pasill2,3,&4 models. I can
easily line up the two stars from my home. I am right next to LAX
airport and do the alignment looking right over LAX and into
downtown Los Angeles with streetlights very close, so I am in a near
worst case light pollution situation. I can do it without
illumination at dusk or with any source of red light after full
darkness. I have even used a red flashlight with a cupped hand to
direct light into the polar scope.
Thanks, Rick

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I was wondering if there has ever been a consideration of
adding "pulsed
power" control for the PASILL3/4 polar scope. This could be either
an argument
to the keypad command to change not only the brightness, but also
the on/off
rate for the GTOCP3 reticle socket, or an attached box with a
small circuit in
the scope illuminator cable, with which you could adjust the pulse
rate and
brightness. This is similar to the way the "Pulse Guide" product
operates for
illuminated crosshair eyepieces.

The reason I bring this up, is that I took my PASILL4 outdoors
for a dry
run test, in the light polluted skies of suburbia of a large
city. It was somewhat difficult to spot Polaris, and did not
expect any
success in aligning the second, let alone the third, star onto the
However, I was amazed to actually see the faint "glimmer" of the
second star,
if I quickly rotated the scope eyepiece back and forth. Of course,
this was
just a test of the scope itself, not yet mounted in my new AP900.
It makes no
sense to oscillate the eyepiece, as in my test, when you are
attempting to
precisely align the reference stars on the hash marks - that
defeats the
purpose. But I realized that if the red LED illuminator were to
be "pulsed",
instead of being steady, it would be easier to align two, or maybe
even all
three stars on the reticle.

Since the battery powered setup has neither a dimmer nor a
pulse width
adjust, the reticle is far too bright, making it difficult to
align on
Polaris. An attached control module, and/or a similar control in
the keypad
miscellaneous command set for the reticle port on the GTOCP3
control box,
would be useful. The latter, of course, would be used for not only
the polar
alignment with the PASILL4, but also perhaps with an illuminated
eyepiece on
the main OTA.


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