Re: Help with orthogonality


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There is always some confusion as to what this 2 Star thing is
supposed to
do. It is not a calibration routine. It does not calibrate anything
in the
mount. It is simply one more of dozens of polar alignment routine
options. This one
in particular can be hard to converge, especially if you happen to
choose the
wrong two stars. As such, this polar alignment option is probably
the weakest
of all. You should never conclude from this alignment routine that
is amiss with your orthogonality. In fact, I am tempted to eliminate
routine because of the confusion it seems to cause everyone who
first uses this
mount after using other commercial Alt-Az mountings.
Noted. I should have followed your preferred methodology you outlined
in message 17688. I would have sworn it included the '2-star
calibration' but it does not. I started using the 'carpenter's level'
technique but then referred to the manual. I'm ripping that page out
tonight after I get home from work ;-)

Thanks for the help,
Louis Marchesi
New London Twp, PA

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