Re: Balance Procedure

Roland Christen

In a message dated 4/25/2007 9:21:36 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

You use the phrase "8 lbs out of balance", do you mean 8 inch-lbs?
Being "out of balance" with an 8 lb camera overhand at 6 inches is different

from the same weight overhanging 2 feet away.
I have had an imbalance of 8 lb at the end of a 160F7.5 refractor. You will
know when the imbalance is too large because the motors will have a problem
slewing in one direction, but it will take more than 8 lb except maybe when it is
bitterly cold outside. Also, if the clutches won't hold, it is probably too
much imbalance. I doubt very much that you could ever damage the worm gear
teeth. These are quite large and rugged.


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