Re: Operating Temperature

Steve... <s-walters@...>

The temperature alone isn't a problem but high humidity combined with
high temperature can accelerate corrosion on electronics such as
connectors, etc. You can find condensation occuring. If it's closed
up and can become humid inside (generally a problem during summer
months and especially so when it rains), I'd figure a way of getting
some ventilation.

Fortunately, this is simple to check. Just get a Radio Shack
thermometer that includes relative humidity and check it from time to
time so you know what's going on. I have a wireless sensor inside my
observatory that can be seen inside my house.

The other obvious point is that it will take forever to cooldown the
equipment before using it.


--- In, "spcrichey" <drichey@...> wrote:

My AP900 is in a fiberglass observatory and in the summer it can
get quite hot, well over
100ºF. Is this a problem for the equipment?

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