Is the GTOCP3 North-South switch really needed?

Joe Zeglinski

I wonder if someone at AP might consider eliminating the N-S switch, in
future versions of the GTO Control Panel. Indeed, use it as a lighted POWER
Switch, which many of us have asked for.

Seems to me that if you enter your location coordinates, you are already
specifying whether your AP Mount is being used in the north or south
hemisphere. That makes the N-S switch redundant.

If there is more than one circuit board contact that needs to be switched,
couldn't this be done by the firmware setting flip flops, or activating a
multi-pole reed relay, based on that observer's Latitude setting?

By comparison, the Losmandy G11 Digital Drive controller - the stepper
motor version, not being a GOTO, and thus having no processor - does require
an internal N-S switch, which the user needs to set after removing the control
panel. However, the Losmandy GEMINI GOTO controller, servo motor version, does
NOT have a N-S switch on that processor board. I suppose it relies on the
observer's North or South latitude setting, instead of wasting panel space for
a mechanical switch, which perhaps for most of us, is rarely toggled anyway.

Just wondering,

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