Re: Keypad problem ?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Dominik,

Your electronic friend was absolutely right about the "potential" keyboard
corrosion problem!

I just happened to be thumbing through the: "Astro-Physics GTO KEYPAD
Version v4.12" user manual, and discovered that it confirms this to be perhaps
somewhat common.

See page # 63 Troubleshooting:
"The keypad locks up on the Astro-Physics screen and will not advance to the
next screen".

Now: look at the final "bulleted" possibility, at the top of the next page #
"Corroded circuit board in the keypad"

I suppose, when I first read that, I just assumed this happens from salt
air, for observers near the ocean. Maybe it is more common than we thought.
Strange though: I figured that the entire hand controller is completely
sealed. Would it help to apply a thin bead of Vaseline to the edge of he case,
sealing it before reassembling, so no corrosive air gets inside, or is the
corrosion a natural occurrence caused by solder flux? Perhaps the new ROHS
mandated by Europe will help newer versions.

I would hope that the circuit board has a "conformal coating" applied to
it on both sides, to prevent such corrosion. As for connectors, they should
have gold plated pins and circuit board contacts. Maybe that is the reason for
the limited warranty period.


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Here you are two images. Sorry for their poor quality. On the first
one you will see the plastic (telephony ?) keypad with a wire
connected to one of its paths. On the second one the wire is
connected directly to the board.

Do you know where I could buy such a telephony keypad to have it just
in case of next problems with mine (to come - according to my
neighbour) ?

All the best from Poland,
Trzymaj sie Jozefie.


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