Re: Keypad problem ?

Joe Zeglinski

Czesc Dominik,

Nice to see what the inside of the hand controller looks like. It would
seem that there was a poorly wave soldered pad under pin 10 in the 28 pin
"keycode decoder IC" - I assume that the keypad "flexible printed circuit
ribbon" itself, was not the "corrosion" which you had described in earlier

Hopefully this was a remote case of some poor quality soldering of the
copper etch trace, at that pin, and that this situation is uncommon, based on
AP's quality control of it's suppliers, such as this keypad manufacturer. I
was told that this unit is NOT made by AP themselves.

As for a spare, AP does sell that entire hand controller, but I wouldn't
buy a spare because this is constantly changing. You might not need a
replacement for several years, if (hopefully) ever again. By then, AP might
improve it, such as adding a lot more RAM, to handle even more programmed
features. The standard AP hand controller (keypad) is warranteed for at least
3 years, at present, according to the manual, so unless there is a rash of
problems, you shouldn't waste money on a backup. If you are taking about
"just" the keypad itself, nobody makes an identical part - this is a very
specialized application, as most such keypad products are.

If these photos don't completely answer Marj Christen's earlier concerns,
she might want to offer a refurbished replacement, to get yours back for a
"quality analysis", and so you don't suffer any down time either - but I think
since you have already fixed it, there shouldn't be any further problems.

We all here, notice, however, that both Roland and Marj were very
concerned about your problem, but seem to be having trouble reaching you by
direct personal email. Perhaps their emails are being "locked out" by that
nasty "free ISP spam guard utility" that your Polish ISP might be using. ( I
have had friends put auttomatically, on a "delete email list" by the ONET.PL
ISP, for no good reason - and the account owner wasn't even informed). Then
again, check your own spam guard for blocked senders. AP's emails might look
like spam to your filters.

Alternately, try contacting Marj at AP, via a different email ( a
friend's, etc.), so she can try THAT address to reach you successfully, using
a different route, or even "snail mail".

However, if your electronics friend does see "other corrosion" that will
potentially soon cause problems, then definitely, AP should get your unit for
a detailed analysis, in case that production run is only the start of a real
mess of issues with other similar units. Their supplier needs to be warned.

I will leave that topic between you and Marj, at AP.

Glad your friend has done a good repair.

(Do dalszego uslyszenia),

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Here you are two images. Sorry for their poor quality. On the first
one you will see the plastic (telephony ?) keypad with a wire
connected to one of its paths. On the second one the wire is
connected directly to the board.

Do you know where I could buy such a telephony keypad to have it just
in case of next problems with mine (to come - according to my
neighbour) ?

All the best from Poland,
Trzymaj sie Jozefie.


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