Re: Advice please: Standard verus Rotating Pier Adapter

Joe Zeglinski

Yes, but I think you were right.

A lot of discussion about AP mounts eventually gets into referring to the
"base section". Quite often I see discussions on Astro Mart, and other places,
and they refer to the fork. The new fork versus the old fork, the mount
assembly instructions in the manual, the sales and parts catalog - the term
comes up quite often. I think it was descriptive, but perhaps an unfortunate
duplicate of something else.

I just wish that AP had selected some other term to name that part, a long
time ago. Now I dare not use the term "fork", lest perhaps someone new to the
product, gets momentarily confused with "fork mounts for telescopes", instead
of "fork mounts for telescope mount axles".

Indeed, it would seem that long standing members of the group and owners
of an AP mount might possibly not be aware of the "fork" term used this way.
At least this discussion leaves behind some hard copy in the archives, for

Just wanted to set the record straight.


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I didn't mean to have things get complicated.

I think "Polar Axis Assembly" would suffice.

Kent Kirkley

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