Re: Advice please: Standard verus Rotating Pier Adapter

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Tom,

Yes, I forgot about that error.

I was probably thinking about the TOTAL weight of the mount, if I were to
lift it fully RA + DEC assembled (minus weights and bar). That is almost the
same as my G11 mount (minus it's weights and bar).

Though that seems strange - the G11 looks so puny compared to the AP900 -
the AP900 is more massive looking, more load bearing surface, yet a lot of the
excess aluminum has been milled away.

The choice is between doing "one heavy lift" (as for the G11) from house
to yard pier, or make two trips and save your back. That, along with the
better load surface, and of course, extra 10 lbs of scope load capacity,
swayed me to upgrade. Naturally, there were many other AP performance and
quality reasons.


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Not sure where you are getting 35 lbs from. The RA aixs which includes
what you call the "fork" is listed as 26.5 lbs. The 900 mount is very
easy to carry and setup.


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