Re: Advice please: Standard verus Rotating Pier Adapter

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Kent,

Yes, I dislike using the term "fork", for this AP mount's part, but that
is what they call the "pair of vertical plates and bottom plate" that support
the Polar axle. I guess it really looks like and serves as a "fork for the
assembly", but not a "fork mount for a telescope". That really confuses
discussions about mounts, since we use the short form "fork" to imply "mount".

What do you think would be a better term to describe the base plate with
the two vertical side plates? Perhaps AP might accept using a different term
to describe their "base fork", from now on.

Alternatively, we could simply change the part's terminology to a "yoke" -
or will that now imply a form of "horse shoe" telescope mount?

How about replacing the AP "base fork" terminology with the word "BENDIX"
(if that is the correct spelling)?
If I recall correctly, there is a "fork-like" sliding part on the shaft of
every automobile's starter motor, that momentarily pushes the small starter
pinion into the main gear of the car's transmission, when you crank the
engine - so maybe we can suggest that AP change their confusing term, to an AP
mount's "Bendix".
Any auto mechanics out there that can correct me on this?

Other suggestions?


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The AP900 RA with fork is 35 lbs.
'with fork' ??? What fork?

German equatorial mounts don't have forks, unless you are referring to the
mount's side plates.

Kent Kirkley

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