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Kent Kirkley

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Thanks Jeff,

That reinforces my decision to stay with RPA's on both tripod and fixed

    Actually, I had also considered having a machinist (horizontally &
vertically) "notch out" the pier mounting holes in two of my Flat Surface
Adapter (FSA), - one on the post, the other on the tripod - and leave a
"single RPA" attached to the fork, along with partially screwed in,  (6)
screws, so I could easily drop and twist the fork/RPA into either "slotted
FSA", just like a Losmandy G11 does into it's pier adapter. Then I figured
is "almost" as easy as fiddling with those four screw in knobs on the fork
I don't lose one on the ground/snow). Besides, the RPA is pretty heavy, and
that would just about be a deal breaker for carrying weight, which was one
the major factors, when I decided to upgrade from my two week old G11.

Appreciate this,

Roland even suggests that one can leave the mount attached to the RPA and
remove them both as a unit. If the pier is permanent, you can just replace 'the
unit' into the pier and probably keep polar alignment.

Kent Kirkley

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