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Jeff <jlc@...>

I've used both the SPA and RPA.

SPA on a 900 and RPA on a 1200.

I had my concerns/lack-of-belief with the RPA, but now I see the RPA is a
big jump over the SPA.
It is such a "subtle" difference that is THE BIG difference.

I suspect the RPA _requires_ the heavy duty az adjuster. But I suspect it
will work with the old style az adjuster, but not practically.
So, this would be the "only" reason to go with the SPA... but then the az
adjuster can be upgraded.

The only minor problem w/ the SPA is simply that if you ever need to move
the mount in AZ, you need to loosen all those bolts and retighten them.
The RPA is "no fuss". And it is SOLID due to the beefy AZ adjuster.

With the RPA, the AZ adjuster keeps it "set" in AZ.

With the SPA, the mount bolts keep it "set" in AZ, and the AZ adjusters just
"help keep it set".

Even with a fixed pier, I suspect there may be a need from time-to-time to
touch up the alignment.
(I'm not a fixed pier person, but where I live a) the ground moves every few
years (san francisco - living near a fault), and b) the ground is like clay
and moves with the change of seasons.)


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I would appreciate some advice about using the SPA versus RPA. I recently
purchased the RPA with my new AP900, since it looked like a better, wiser,
choice. Now I am considering a second pier adapter, for an alternative
permanent fixed pier.

I see how my RPA works , but I wonder, what are the difficulties with
using the Standard pier adapter, which made the RPA a more desirable,
more expensive, option? I intend on transferring the AP900 between a field
tripod, and the permanent post in the yard, so the small inconvenience of
simply "loosening" the four hold down knobs for the Standard adapter fine
adjustment, may not justify the price difference, for me. There must be some

other aspect, or convenience, of using the RPA, I may have missed.

Much appreciated,

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