Re: Advice please: Standard verus Rotating Pier Adapter

Joe Zeglinski

Good point, Kent.

I had forgotten about the side screws - AP warns against our even touching

I was considering drilling a hole for a locking set screw - about half
inch inward from the gap of one or both azimuth "adjuster knob housing", on
the RPA. That way, I couldn't simply move the selected fixed one, ruining the
careful setting without thinking, as I replace the mount base and retighten
the opposing adjuster.


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Thanks Kent - that was just the answer I was looking for.

Now I'm glad I got the RPA, and will likely go for another. Although I
plan on making a permanent pier, I'm not yet ready to commit to full "rebar
and concrete" - but rather a very deep, stout pillar, in the ground, for
So if there is any minute ground shift over the short year or two, the RPA
should give me less hassle in minor very precise, alignment touch ups.

One possible problem with the RPA.
There is no 'real lock' in azimuth.
If you adjust azimuth in one direction using one knob and acheive the
position you want, should you move that knob again, the adjustment will be
lost. I
suggest that once the position you want is reached, to carefully tighten the
opposing knob up to the adjuster post.

Another possibility is to completely tighten the resistance adjusting scews
(2) on the outside edge of the RPA. These are usually used to adjust the
tension of the rotation of the top plate, but I'm guessing one could tighten
all the way, preventing the top plate (and mount) from moving.

Kent Kirkley

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