Re: Safety Limits

Joe Zeglinski

Sure would be nice if software programs had a Table of DEC angles versus
Safety Limits. That way, we wouldn't have to worry about the scope or
equipment striking the pier. The software would know the current DEC and
adjust the safety limit dynamically using the table.

Just a thought.


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One thing that I love about my 1200GTO is that I can image far past
the meridian without having to do a meridian flip. I do have concern,
however, that I might go too far and some night strike my pier. Is
their a way to set a safety limit (past the meridian) so that if that
point is reached the mount stops, or flips, safely? I can't find this
is in the manual, only safety limit of 0-20 degrees before the meridian.

I have used the timer on PulseGuide but I was wondering if there was
another way.


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