Re: Safely installing a heavy OTA onto an AP900


I have an AP 900GTO mount on the 54" pier and use it (mostly) with my
TEC APO180FL refractor. The 180FL weighs in at 36.5lbs. I first put
the rings on the mount without the scope in the rings with the rings
open. I then carefully place the OTA in the rings, and close the
rings one handed one at a time with the other hand on the OTA, just in
case. Works well for me.

This OTA is the limit of what I would want to comfortably lift alone,
but it is not hard to do. My 160EDF at 28lbs was, by comparison,
easier to manage. The difference is that with the 180FL I have to be
thinking about nothing but putting the OTA on the mount, while the
160EDF didn't require ones "full" attention to do the same.


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