Re: Photos of dueling AP900GTOs

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Louis,
If so, I did download JAVA form Sun, and have been running it with a lot
of website scripts, without this error. I believe Microsoft withdrew their
Anyway, the SUN JAVA processor seems to work fine, even in IE7 - but this
one website seems different.

Oh well, I'm glad to finally see the scopes an the sky sheds.


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Something else: every time I click on any selection on your pages,
IE7 gives
me a warning:
"Click to run an ActiveX Control on this page".
It doesn't matter what I click on. I haven't had this happen before.
Perhaps you can look into that problem.
Microsoft was sued, and lost, by a company named Eolas that patented
the technology used by your browser to render media players and the
like (in any web page). Microsoft refused to pay the royalties, and
instead went with a workaround, wherein the necessary HTML is added
not directly to the web page, but by using external Javascript.

I think that's detailed enough for an astronomy forum :-) We now
resume our regularly scheduled overcast evening ...

Louis Marchesi

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