Re: UPS delivery - be VERY careful

Joe Zeglinski

Sorry, Anthony, my mistake.

My rage got the better of my eyesight. I missed the extra "S". I would
guess that is why they called their company UPS, so people would confuse them
with the postal service - though I don't why that used to be a good thing. :-)

Seems like the government agency "USPS" is trying harder to get back their
old business from the couriers. Maybe it's not such a "snail mail" service any


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Are we talking about the same thing? I am referring to USPS and not UPS?


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Yes, they have a wonderful tracking service. Makes my PC very happy.

I watched the UPS system track my AP900 order across the USA,
through the
Canadian border, Customs Clearance, and to the local UPS dispatch
terminal -
right up to the end point where it read "Delivered - Destination:

Sorry, but my "front door" doesn't have signing authority for
the $10,000
shipment that UPS left on my front porch.

I was also informed this morning, by the "UPS International"
rep in the
USA (thanks to Christine at AP), that the UPS - USA, "receiver's
option" ends at the border:
UPS Canada (and every other country) does NOT extend that
requirement, after
it clears Customs, to it's Canadian UPS driver, when he delivers
the shipment
at the final destination!

How incompetent.
A different UPS policy between operations in neighbouring countries,
on the
same extremely expensive shipment.

Actually, I was further informed, that if the SENDER asks for a
on delivery", it is only done for deliveries to a Commercial
destination - not
if you state it is a "Residence".
Ergo, tell UPS it is a "home business" (commercial destination), I
suppose, so
that UPS gets it's act in line. That may be another way of avoiding UPS
abandoning your AP900 on a porch - possibly not even your own. Of
course, that
would likely confuse the hapless UPS driver - but then you can
retrieve your
package at a local UPS store or depot, safe and sound - where I hope
they at
least ask for a signature and I.D.


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I am a heavy user of the services offered by USPS and have always
enjoyed timely and accurate tracking over the internet when it comes
to "EMS" and "Two-Day Global Express Guaranteed". Ditto for packages
sent air mail insured.

In fact, you can sign up and have each update to your parcel's status
sent to you by email as well ... which I really like!


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