Re: UPS delivery - be VERY careful

Joe Zeglinski


The previous UPS delivery, a week before AP's, from OPT in California,
took over a week. Yes, I really like the tracking system - it showed that the
parcel was moving along every day, until it hit the UPS Ohio plant, and took a
nice 4 day rest, before continuing. Is there a Homeland Security depot in
Ohio, that perhaps got curious about outer space components going to a foreign
country ... like Canada? :-)

Anyway, all joking aside, I merely wanted to suggest to everyone that
having a COD charge - at the door - at least guarantees you will see the
driver with your package - personally.

I was reading (in this group), about a month ago, about a fellow who was
waiting, on an overdue delivery, for over a week of some special telescope
lens, specially made with Roland's help, until he spotted his dog way out in
the fields, mauling something. On closer inspection, he found it to be the
errant lens package that UPS left on his porch. Guess no dog paw on the UPS
signature form either.


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Hi Marj,

Depending on how the package is sent via USPS, there is the ability to
track a package online and literally step by step as it travels from
office to office (in the US) and something similar in the foreign country.

For example, I am jumping when I see the note "Left local customs
office at xx:xx AM" when tracking an item since it will be at my post
office within 24 hours.


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