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Hi Marj,

Depending on how the package is sent via USPS, there is the ability to
track a package online and literally step by step as it travels from
office to office (in the US) and something similar in the foreign country.

For example, I am jumping when I see the note "Left local customs
office at xx:xx AM" when tracking an item since it will be at my post
office within 24 hours.


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Joe (and Anthony),
The down side of USPS is that if a package is lost, there is no one
central company to deal with. There is the US post office and the post
office of the other country. It takes a long time to track something
down. We had a situation years ago where both post offices blamed the
other. After about 6 months, the package was returned to us.
Fortunately, it was an small accessory.

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Does anybody know of any "insurance limits" or problems, with the
the couriers? I would hate to go into litigation for years over a
mount, as they try to figure out whose fault it was. That could be a
lot of
lost observing time.

Please comment.


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I remember about two years ago when I sent my ST-2k back to SBIG for
service and they ignored my pleads for them to return it using USPS.
They used UPS and of course I got burned with their fees ... over $100
for a 2.5 kg package and I cleared the item through customs myself or,
otherwise, it would have been nearly double that.

I also have other bad experiences with UPS. I must confess that
whenever FedEx was involved, everything was fine without the slightest

Anyway, I use USPS at each and every possible opportunity. They have
fully earned my loyalty and business!


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Anthony - there's a difference between UPS and USPS.

Personally, and I'm clearly fortunate, of all shipment to me from
across the
pond, I've never had an ounce of trouble from any of the main
couriers (UPS
and FedEx) or postal services (USPS or An Post - Ireland). Lots of
heartbreak when they give me the Import and Sales tax bill of
course, but
safely delivered goods in one piece.



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At 02:54 PM 4/10/2007, you wrote:
Before I retired, I used to have a personal business policy of
NEVER using
UPS because of their problematic performance, but I thought they
had now
improved over the years. Well, it's now back to FEDEX, which I had
always used
previously, and rarely (if ever) had any problems.

Well, I just had a nightmare experience with FEDEX delivering my AP
600E mount, so don't trust them either.
Personally, I am a great fan of USPS ... great service, great
rates and
never a problem!



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