Re: UPS delivery - be VERY careful

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Marj,

That is indeed excellent information. I forgot about the possibilities of
not one government agency but also a foreign one mixing things up. I can
imagine the bun fight there would be on a lost shipment using the Iranian
postal service :-)

I think I would trust our North American postal agencies, in spite of the
fun we have with their "snail mail" here. Someone once quipped that the
reason our postal rates are so high, and delivery so slow ... "storage" ;-(


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Joe (and Anthony),
The down side of USPS is that if a package is lost, there is no one central
company to deal with. There is the US post office and the post office of the
other country. It takes a long time to track something down. We had a
situation years ago where both post offices blamed the other. After about 6
months, the package was returned to us. Fortunately, it was an small

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Does anybody know of any "insurance limits" or problems, with the USPS or
the couriers? I would hate to go into litigation for years over a $10,000
mount, as they try to figure out whose fault it was. That could be a lot of
lost observing time.

Please comment.


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