Re: UPS delivery - be VERY careful

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Greg,

The COD was to cover Canadian sales taxes (GST & PST), as well as a
relatively small, perhaps reasonable, UPS brokerage service fee (and GST) of
about $150 CDN.

I posted this lament about UPS because the latest production of AP900
mounts is going out - some outside of the USA - and I wanted to help others in
our group get proper delivery.
Obviously, if the AP900 is being delivered to an office, the driver is likely
to see the receptionist.

The UPS supervisor called to apologize for "his driver" - I had to remind
him TWO drivers screwed up the same way on the same delivery. Hopefully, the
internal memo has gone out, and you will get the driver knocking on your door,
even if you decide to prepay the COD charges.
If you are outside the USA, you will get a phone call from UPS customs
clearance brokers at the border, since the "value of goods" imported is larger
than $500. If you are in the USA, and there are no extra charges, the driver
might still simply abandon your $10,000 AP900, on your front steps - or
somebody else's, if he doesn't check the address too closely.

One thing the AP's Export Clearance document states is to:
"Contact consignee upon arrival of shipment". UPS didn't think "contact"
applied to "arrival at my door".

I am ecstatic about is the AP900 itself, which is both massive, but still
fairly light to carry (in sections), compared to others. Glad my eyes weren't
so large - I did not go for the much larger AP1200 - tempted, but the back
wouldn't survive regular field transport.
The mount is a thing of beauty to behold.
Very well done Roland.

The paperwork at Astro physics was handled expeditiously, and the mount
was very well packed.
Thanks Daleen.

One tiny thing to watch out for, in your excitement to unpack, there was a
small "unlabelled" 2 inch envelope, containing two thumb screws as an optional
way of securing the GTOCP3 box, instead of set screws. It took a day to
realize what they were for. I almost missed it among all the plastic packing
peanuts, and it could have been thrown out. It should probably be put in the
Hand Controller box, or at least a larger, more obvious, envelope.

Good luck,

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Sorry to hear about your experience. I've got an AP900 on the way.
Why was there a COD?


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