Re: Balance of an AP 1200

Joe Zeglinski

That's a good point, Mark. I hadn't considered the pivot point being
overloaded. But if the pivot point is balanced on either side (OTA versus
weights), then the amount of stress would be very nearly the same in either
situation. Actually, with the new shorter counterweight bar - I think it is
thicker, the bar adds more weight as a counter weight itself, while the actual
weights can now sit higher, because of this extra.

Of course, I have the AP900, which has a much shorter shaft then that on
the AP1200. I'm always impressed to see such a long shaft with so many small
diameter separate weights on it. Since the shaft does not move - like on a
G11, etc., I wonder if multiple (maybe 3) weights could be fashioned around a
disk/plate higher up, with a shorter AP1200 shaft - instead of such a long one
with small diameter weights.


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Some years ago at the WSP I was asking this same question

A few of the people who were also Engineers had dome some mathematical
calculations on this, and found that if you put the bulk of the weight close
to the pivot point and then a lighter weight at the end there was less
stress at the pivot point and in fact less stress on the mechanism. This
held true even if this configuration made it necessary to put more weight in
order to counter balance since the majority of the balance weight was being
pushed closed to the pivot point.

So for years I have always had the weights all the way up to the pivot point
and one 10 lb weight close to the bottom for the fine balance. On my 1200
mount I even needed (6) 18lbs and then (1) 10lbs in order to balance with
the configuration this way.


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I was wondering if it make a difference where you balance your setup in
RA? I mean is it better to use a lot of weight and choke up? Or less
farther out?

Keith Estes

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