What model Pelican case to use for AP900

Joe Zeglinski


Waiting for arrival my mount, I wondered what Pelican case would be
suggested for the AP900. Handle and wheels might be an asset, to consider.

I have seen a post suggesting it was a mistake to go for the #1660, since
even the empty case alone, weighs a lot, and lifting both halves of an AP
mount packed in one case, is likely to be a back breaker.

If anyone is already using a "two Pelican case" combination, "with
handles", is it possible to set the two cases on an edge, and flip the
handles, tied across each other, to form a bridged "observing seat" (or, as a
low accessories table) - just a thought? Would be nice to have a secondary use
of the empty cases, rather than having them just sitting there unused, in
preparation for the return from the session.


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