Eagle Tripod - not for AP900?

Joe Zeglinski


I was wondering if the new AP tripod would work with the AP900 - it isn't
in the advertised list of supported AP mounts? If, not what would the problem
be in using it with this mount?

I hate harping on this, perhaps way too much, but why didn't AP add three
vertically cut slots at the top of the Eagle pier post, down to the horizontal
ones? It would make it so much easier to simple drop the AP mount and adjust,
or lock into the adjusted azimuth.

Perhaps, as I see it, the one danger is that the user might use the
horizontal adjust on the pier, instead of the one on the mount itself, for his
location. Then, if he happens to align right at the vertical slot, or if he
forgets to twist the mount slightly await from the drop down slot, the mount
might pivot itself out of the pier. Of course, that could happen even without
the vertical slots, if he doesn't screw in or forgets to tighten, the 3 mount

I think I would like to see the Eagle with drop in slots - guess it's a
matter of taking the new mount into a machine shop oneself, for correction of
the design.


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