Re: 900s now "caught up"?

Joe Zeglinski

But ... did it say "within two years"? I thought they meant possibly
another run, late this year.
It also depends, if you are buying just a mount , or a scope WITH a mount.
Probably smarter to place separate orders, and take separate deliveries, when
one item is ready. At least you might be able to enjoy the new scope, on an
old mount - sooner. Or, you might eventually, unfortunately have to settle for
a different mount.


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Looks like it. I was on the notification list for less than 2 weeks
before I got notified. Don't know if it will last long since the
notification email said that there wouldn't be another production run
till 2008. I understand the situation is the same for the 1200.


At 03:34 PM 4/3/2007, you wrote:

Wow, are the rumors true? Is the 900GTO now caught up, and an off-the-
shelf item?

If so, let me be the first to congratulate you all at AP!

-- Jeff.

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