Re: G11 to 900GTO adapter and question about AP portable piers

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Chris,

Good point, but I don't quite see your analysis. If the mount is
completely balanced, the entire weight of the telescope system should pass
straight down through the centre of the mount, and thus, the centre of the
tripod. The weight at the tripod feet should then result in an even
distribution, among all three. Under complete counterbalance, there should be
no resultant moment forces remaining at the centre of the pier - except for a
"marginal, intended overbalance" to the east side of the mount, for smoother
tracking purposes.

You state a concern, that I can't quite grasp. Could you explain just a
bit further, please - I may have missed something obvious?


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I recently purchased a set of the optional Losmandy glow in the dark
rubber feet for the G11 tripod.
I am not a fan of flexible vibration dampers under tripod feet. Rubber
underneath a mount tripod will cause variable polar alignment as the scope
around the sky. Although it might kill vibration, it does flex with the
moment arm of the various mount and scope componenets. Not a good idea for


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