Re: G11 to 900GTO adapter and question about AP portable piers

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You are right it doesn't need to be level but if it isn't you have cross
coupling in your adjustments that can make alignment harder.


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I've owned a G11 w/ the tripod, an AP900 w/ the 46/42/32 inch piers and an
AP1200 w/ the 56 inch pier.

"Bare ground" and the AP Pier? No problem, imo. Maybe even better than
the G11... the feet are closed (about an inch wide metal "foot")... the G11
feet are open and can sink in soft ground.

The G11 does have the advantage of being able to setup on faily non-level
ground. E.g. just adjust the legs to get it level.
(still, I found it a bit of hassle to level with the cut-your-hands tripod
leg knobs (I didnt upgrade).)

The AP portable piers have some amount of "adjustable tilt", but I'd have to
admit the G11 was (obviously) more flexible with leveling.
So, I just bring a couple strips of hardwood and slip these under the AP
feet when to get the pier level.

The AP portable pier "feet" are steel (not aluminum) and I think this is a
plus -- tough as steel. the G11 had soft aluminum.
(For me, I setup frequently on asphault.)

Here's the big big plus of the AP pier over the G11 tripod: The AP pier
takes up less space in the car!
Yes... since the AP legs and rods can go ~inside~ the tube, it takes up very
little space in the car. With the G11, I pretty much loaded the tripod
"setup" in the back the explorer (no head of course).... then jockeyed the
boxes around the pier.

It would be nice if the AP legs had leveling screws on them. That's
probably the only addition. Maybe a differnt way of doing the tension rods
so as to nearly eliminate them.

And everyone I'm sure is going to tell me that the EQ mount ~doesnt~ need to
be level. Yeah.. I suppose so, but I prefer it that way when drift


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Subject: [ap-gto] G11 to 900GTO adapter and question about AP portable piers

Thanks for the responses to my earlier questions. I agree that it
seems like there'd be a small market for G11 tripod to AP mount adapters.

One reason I'm interested in using my G11 tripod with my as yet
unpurchased 900GTO is that sometimes I set up on bare ground and the
G11 tripod seems to handle that well.

How do the AP portable piers handle "ground" setup?


-Dick Locke

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