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Yes everything is extra. AP is pretty good about letting you know that when
you put in your final payment. There are other sources for counter weights
and Adapter plates, Robin Casady comes to mind. E ahs some different stuff
for AP and Losmandy mounts.


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Everything for an AP900 is extra, to make the price easier to take when
you first see it, I suppose. Would be nice if there were a check box order
sheet of "essential items", when you buy their mounts. After all, you have
have some counter weights, unless the AP900 is for tour snapshot camera, and

you can't just attach it to a stub at the end of the DEC axle :-)
It's sort of having a sit down meal at a restaurant, and asked if you will
requiring a plate and cutlery.

I'm going to make an G11 pier converter for myself, as soon as the new
AP900 arrives.
Actually, before I got the unexpected notification, I bought a Losmandy G11
Meade MA tripod adapter, which is just the short tube section at the very
6 inches or so of the standard G11 pier. My intent was to use it on my
favourite tripod head, instead of the standard Losmandy one. Then, get a
second MA for a permanent G11 pier in the yard. I really like the design of
the Losmandy pier top.

Well, I have looked at all the combinations, and decided that the Meade
Adapter (MA), is still a good accessory, with it's Losmandy
twist" top for a G11. The way I see it, its is a trivial machining task to
make an AP900 to Losmandy MA, "step down, conversion ring" - at most, about
inches tall, with the AP's 6 button "post" screws for the bottom of the
Then, simply tap 3 holes (3/8-16), for the Losmandy optional mount knob set,

on the 8 inch to 6 inch step down ring, to drop into either the Losmandy
tripod, or into the Losmandy Meade tripod Adapter (MA). That solves a lot of

issues, especially if you don't like the AP portable pier style compared to
the Losmandy tripod.

AP should be selling this "trivial" item - they already sell other
Losmandy dovetails and plates.


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A couple "dumb" questions from someone looking and the possibility of
moving from a G11 to a 900GTO:

1) Does the current production run of the 900GTO mount "come with"
counter-weights, or are they "a la cart?" Can't find anything one way
or the other on the AP web site.

2) Is is possible to mate a 900GTO to a standard Losmandy G11 tripod?
I haven't been able to find any discussion of mating them so I assume
that's not possible/feasible?


-Dick Locke

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