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Hi Dick,

A couple "dumb" questions from someone looking and the possibility of
moving from a G11 to a 900GTO:

1) Does the current production run of the 900GTO mount "come with"
counter-weights, or are they "a la cart?" Can't find anything one way
or the other on the AP web site.
The base price you see is for the equatorial head and counterweight
bar. The counterweights themselves are extra ... and they come in two

2) Is is possible to mate a 900GTO to a standard Losmandy G11 tripod?
I haven't been able to find any discussion of mating them so I assume
that's not possible/feasible?
The Losmandy G11 pier has a diameter of 6" whereas the 900GTO needs an
8" pier. However, the Mach1GTO does indeed need a 6" post which makes
this combination an interesting scenario and which I am looking at for
my Mach1GTO which is due.



-Dick Locke

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