Re: 16" LX200R on an AP1200

Joe Zeglinski

Glad you are in contact, Jeff.

Just a thought - have you tested shaft and dovetail flexure, which might
increase if you go to an even larger OTA, even if the cradle bolts don't shear
off, first?

I wonder if taking a circumpolar exposure, by rotating the mount quickly,
might show elliptical paths, if there is any sign of flexure on the OTA
Perhaps, as a guess, reflecting a laser pointer off the counter weight shaft,
onto the ceiling or dome, might show the beam angle deflected by tiny bends of
the shaft.


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I'm using Parallax rings and the AP 15" ribbed plate, which likely add
another 15 lbs. The dovetail, rings and refractor on top are likely
good for another 20 lbs. Figure 120 lbs all told. I'm comfortable
enough with those weights on it that I'm considering going to a
considerably heavier OTA....

-- Jeff.

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