Re: 16" LX200R on an AP1200

Jeff Young <jey@...>

"jeybball" and Jeff Young are the same guy.

It's a long story, but I worked for a Unix company back before the whole
world had email, and so everyone used their initials for their email.
Mine are "jey". I first used Yahoo to manage a fantasy basketball with
a friend -- thus "jeybball". Later, it seemed like too much trouble to
create another account....

In any case, Gavin already found me on CloudyNights (where I go by the
somewhat simpler "Jeff Young").

But to answer the question directly, I'd be very much surprised if the
16" LX200R OTA were really 110 lbs. Meade quotes the GPS version at 120
lbs, but that includes the Dec axis trunions and drive system, which you
won't have. In any case, my 16" GPS OTA weighs on the order of 85 lbs
-- I'd expect the R version to be within 10% of that.

I'm using Parallax rings and the AP 15" ribbed plate, which likely add
another 15 lbs. The dovetail, rings and refractor on top are likely
good for another 20 lbs. Figure 120 lbs all told. I'm comfortable
enough with those weights on it that I'm considering going to a
considerably heavier OTA....

-- Jeff.


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Actually, there is a 16" LX200GPS/FC-100 on an AP1200 mount on a
pier, in the PHOTOS section of this group (see the LAST image in
Miscellaneous folder):

You should contact the contributor "JEYBBALL" - I think it is
identical to
your system.


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> Gavin,
> There's a guy named Jeff Young that hangs out on the Astromart
> Equipment forum that has exactly this setup. Not sure he's too
> with the OTA but the mount seems to take the load just fine.
You might
> want to email him.
> Eric
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<> , "Gav" <gavbray@...> wrote:
>> I'm considering mounting a 16" LX200R on my new AP1200. I
believe the
>> OTA weight is 110 lbs.
>> By the time accessories etc are added this would be close to
>> advertised capacity limit of 140 lbs.
>> This concerns me and I wonder if anyone can offer any advice
as to
>> whether this would be a suitable match or whether I'd be
better with a
>> 14" SCT (70 lbs). The scope would be used for visual work
only and
>> housed in an observatory.
>> Is the extra 2" going to cause more problems than it's worth?
>> Thanks
>> Gavin
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