Re: New member - advice on switching from G11 to AP900

Joe Zeglinski


I have a great big wide smile,after reading this ... but I can't quite
jump into the air, until you clarify one more bit for me.

Both you and Roland use the word "LOOSEN ... the three (3) hand KNOBS on
the side of the pier" !

This is correct for a Losmandy mount/pier, but I just cannot see that
capability on the AP900.
The pier adapters (SPA or RPA), have SIX (6) button head SCREWS (not knobs) &
washers (5/16-18 x 5/8) which are used to attach the SPA to a standard AP/ATS

You actually have to "REMOVE", entirely, from the top sides of the pier
(pipe), these 6 screws (O.K. fewer, after you lose a few in the grass or
snow, at night).

So, where are these THREE (3) "hand KNOBS" which DO NOT require complete
removal from the AP pier? Roland also mentioned them, so my eyes must be
deceiving me - which also not good for my astronomy.
The only other attachment, above the pier, is the FOUR (4) knob set that holds
down the fork to the SPA.

I keep looking through the GTOCP3 manual (June 30, 2006), and I just can't
see any 3 knob set in any picture. If I could find these, - and if they do NOT
have to be completely removed each time - I would finally be convinced, that I
can make this mount actually, easily transportable between house and yard.

Eagerly awaiting further clarification,

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As far as switching the mounts from one location to another, there
is no real difference. For the AP900GTO you would buy two pier
adapters, one for each of your piers.
You do not need two pier adapters even if you have two piers. The pier
adapter stays with the 900 mount. Simply loosen the three hand knobs on
the side of the pier and pull the mount and pier adapter out as one
unit, and place it into the second pier. Then tighten the three hand
knobs and you are done. Why 2 pier adpaters???


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