Re: New member - advice on switching from G11 to AP900

Joe Zeglinski


Marvellous - that is exactly what I want to do.
To confirm, your specially machined G11 pier adapter, being a smaller diameter
than the AP's FSA "flat surface adapter" , has the Astro Physics part (SFA)
bolted on top of it. Then the AP900 simple mates with this as standard.

Can you post a picture of your G11/AP900 adapter or coupler in the photos
section? I will take it to a machine shop. Wish AP would sell one - seems like
such a common thing.

P.S. I don't know quite why, but I like the Losmandy pier better than the AP
or ATS. Would seem to make good sense to not have a lot of piers kicking
around the house, if AP would just sell the part like you made for yourself.


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I use my 900 GTO on a G11 pier, using a custom machined adaptor that bolts
on the 900SPA and the top of the pier.

The only thing I need when I setup my mount in my backyard is to remove the
scope and counterweight shaft.
I can easily carry the complete mount and pier outside whitout problem.
However, i am not Superman, Rolando will confirm ;-))

You can if you want remove the DEC axis in less than 5 seconds...OK, maybe
10....and the setup will be more easy to lift.


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