Re: Mach1GTO Waiting Time

Hank Sielski

Robert and Group,

After seeing Marj's email, I went back and checked my email records.
Apparently I put myself on the notification lists for the AP400/Traveler in
November 2002, not November 2003. As I said earlier, I received a
notification earlier this month.

It was the AP900/155EDF list that I signed up for in November I
waited about 2.5 years for my 900...I think this is pretty standard for
mounts now.

Sorry for any confusion or anxiety that my faulty memory may have caused...


On 3/28/07, Robert Schlingensiepen <> wrote:

Hi Hank, Jay and Harvey,

Thanks for your replies. Well, somebody said that "patience is a


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Hi Tobert,

I was notified for the Mach 1 just this month (had to decline,
unfortunately). I think I got on the notification list for the
AP400 in early November 2003, at the same time I signed up for the


I was notified on 2/19/2007 after getting on the list for a 400
on 10/12/2001.
Looks like they've covered quite a lot of ground if they're
almost into 2004 already.


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