Re: New member - advice on switching from G11 to AP900

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rick,

Much appreciated.

It's actually O.K. to completely lose RA &DEC position - even remove the
DEC axle, I think.
What I worried about was losing "site alignment" - the Az/El of the mount,
which would take more time realigning each time.

My idea is that I can reassemble the mount - follow your suggestion about
dropping the fork against the adjuster original position - and perform a SYNC,
or is it Recalibrate - and I am quickly back up and running. This should work,
shouldn't it?

About the "internal time" though; Doesn't the pad processor keep accurate
time using the coin battery? I suppose that in two or three years, the CR
Lithium battery will run down, and the time will stop, but surely not before


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As far as switching the mounts from one location to another, there
is no real difference. For the AP900GTO you would buy two pier
adapters, one for each of your piers. Then you could lift the the
mount from one to the other by removing and reinstalling the four hand
screws that attach the AP900 to the pier adapter. You may have to do
some fine tuning of the azimuth adjusters, same as with the G-11.

Actually, you can make it even simpler on yourself. Turn off the power
to the mount. You can park it at one of the three preset postions
prior to power down or not, it doesn't matter. Just undo _one_ side of
the azimuth adjusters when you take the four hold-down bolts out to
remove the mount. The other one can have the knob taped to the block
to maintain its setting. When putting the mount back on the plate,
install the four hold-down bolts but don't fully tighten them. Then
tighten up that one azimuth adjuster side then tighten the four
hold-down bolts. If the pier didn't move and the mount itself hasn't
been physically moved in RA or Dec then it will be pretty much exactly
right where it left off. Power it back up, resume from park and
continue to use it. The only thing that _might_ be slightly off is the
keypad internal time if the mount has been stored for quite some time
between use.

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