Re: New member - advice on switching from G11 to AP900

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Joel,

You bring up some good points ... I'm feeling warmer already.

I don't think I would need to adjust a G11 azimuth when I (carefully)
transport the mount - assuming everything is locked down tight. That switch
should be perfect, an as accurate as the final twist in the G11 tripod head
slot. I suppose, that really is the same as snuggling the AP900 adjuster knob
back to position as well. I think I was confused by the large arcs in the fork
base slots, and worried that this placement could not be easily repeated. Now
I realize that it isn't as important as remembering against which azimuth
adjuster side the AP had initially been set to - just tight the other back.

Still, I might have an AP900 G11 adapter plate (2 inch high collar) made
for a drop-and-twist remount. Wish AP sold one along with all their other HGM
Losmandy parts.

By the way ... I just had to ask ... WHY are you still keeping the

... do you all see me smiling more :-) ?

Thanks a bunch,

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I have both mounts--G-11/Gemini and AP900GTO. They are both fine mounts. The
AP900 has higher capacity and has more refined mechanical components leading
to more accurate unguided tracking. The electronics of both mounts are very
advanced. The Gemini system offers one advantage--modeling of the sky as
celestial objects are synched, thus allowing accurate GOTO's even though the
polar alignment is not perfect. However, the AP electronic system allows
interfacing with other programs, including T-Point which does sky modeling.
Also the AP hand controller is easier to use than the Gemini controller.

As far as switching the mounts from one location to another, there is no
real difference. For the AP900GTO you would buy two pier adapters, one for
each of your piers. Then you could lift the the mount from one to the other
by removing and reinstalling the four hand screws that attach the AP900 to
the pier adapter. You may have to do some fine tuning of the azimuth
adjusters, same as with the G-11.

I have found both mounts to be very accurate for guided imaging. If you are
going to carry more than 35 lbs on the mount the AP900 will be better. For
example, my G-11 is maxed out with my C-14, while the AP900 handles it with
ease and is soild as a rock.

Hope this helps.


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