Re: Setting the mount to automatically stop at a certain time?

Ken Mason


How about using a timer on your mounts power supply? That way it wont
be troubled due to the computer hanging up. I always think, keep it


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Thanks Ray,
I seem to be occupying alot of your time lately between this group
and PEMPRO. By the way I took my new AP mount from a PE of 7 PTP
down to 1. Great program.


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Is it possible to set the AP900 to continue tracking until a
hour of the morning without additional software. I have an
in my backyard and would like to lock on to an object and
then have the
mount stop at a certain hour of the morning so the scope
collide with the mount.
PulseGuide can do this but it will require access to one of the
serial ports.
So, if you plan to use ASCOM (or TheSky) AT THE SAME TIME you
have to use
both serial ports on the mount. You could always use TheSky to
locate and slew
to your target, get autoguiding running, disconnect from TheSky,
connect with
PulseGuide, then setup the stop time.

As a precaution when doing this you should always loosen the RA
clutches to the
point that if there is a slow motion collision no damage will
occur. This
shouldn't happen but there might be some unforeseen condition
miscalculation of stop time, Windows update forcing a reboot,

-Ray Gralak

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