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Mark B. Wilson <markw@...>

Try David Butler at Master Cases 888 707 9333. They made awesome cases for
me. They are approved for air travel, but who would put a 1200 on a plane?

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Having just received my 1200 Goto this last week, I have to agree
with you Mark about the 1200. It is absolutely awesome! This is
one fantastic mount.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a case to store the mount
when transporting it to a remote site?


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My very appreciative thanks to both Charles Sinsovsky, and Roland
Christen for letting me help them dissasemble their 1200 GTO's at this
past weekend's Astrofest. While i didn't catch the assembly in time,
the dissasembly let me see firsthand how truly portable, and
compact/Lightweight (relatively speaking) the 1200 is. After
owning the
HGM-200 Losmandy, i will find the 1200 an absolute pleasure to set-up,
and use. IMO, this is the finest mount that i have ever laid my
eyes/hands upon. Hope the wait isn't too much longer! :) Mark

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