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A slight digression but surely an excellent omen for all at Astro-Physics... Marjorie states in the press release that John Ratzenberger has been a voice in all 7 of our films at Pixar... (also the 8th - Ratatouille in June) and every one has been immensely successful... You don't tamper with a track record like that, and John's participation has become a firm tradition... Anyone whose presence generates that much success surely spread some more at AP... (Not that AP needs it!)

(...and as my AP1200 was delivered in November I am rather curious if it was one of those filmed under construction in the mount department at the time of filming...)

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In anticipation of our upcoming March 13 air date, we've put together a little
press release with a couple of photos taken on the date the segment was filmed.
Have fun and spread the word!

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