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Roland Christen

In a message dated 2/6/2007 8:50:24 PM Central Standard Time,
d.branlund@... writes:

Here is the prescription of the design that ATMOS

The strict RC, f/8, FL = 3200 mm
f/3.5 primary, FL = 1400 mm
Objective diameter, 400 mm
Imaging Circle, 52 mm in diameter
Backfocus from (sky facing) primary mirror = 300 mm
Conic constant = -1.2244 primary
Conic constant = -9.9426 secondary
i finally had a chance to run this design with the 160 telecompressor. It
appears that this scope ahs a field cirvature of -546mm. With the TCC attached in
the normal configuration, the field curvature becomes +468mm, so it seems to
overcompensate by a factor of 2. The only way to fix that would be different
rear element with a different radius. It could be made, but would take some
time to construct. In other words, it's not out of the question.


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