Re: keypad pointing models. Was: Re: Paramount ME vs. AP 1200GTO

Paul M

Hi Ray,
cool concept.!!! and much easier to implement as a tweak as you go. If you can keep track of alt-az internally for the model you're probably good.
Best part is that you could have two models. One on the computer (for those with the CCD) and one in the handpaddle that could handle visual obs needs. Well thats how I'd use it though there's other combos. It would also be easy them for those who mentioned that they swap around scopes/etc on their mounts and could quickly by observing a bunch of objects have a new model for that setup.

Figured you'd have some insight to this.

At 2007-02-28 17:36 Wednesday, you wrote:

Hi Paul,

First you would enable a mode in the hand box that will enable the collection of
points and build a model from them. You then slew to your first target. If it is
not centered you center the object in the eyepiece and click Synch (or RCAL). A
correction point is then added to the pointing model. As you go through more
visual objects the pointing model becomes more accurate each time you add a

If you are not interested in having a pointing model or are using an external
model then you wouldn't use this feature. I think that building a model that
improves pointing accuracy as you observe would be pretty painless.



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