Re: Paramount ME vs. AP 1200GTO

Dr. David Toth

At 09:32 AM 2/27/2007, Jeff Young wrote:

While I'm one of those people that nag Roland for a pointing model,
there's really no reason (other than that it would be cool). I've
never had a target placed outside a 26mm T5, even with all the above
You can still use TPoint with your scope with a computer ... you do not need to have a pointing model in your hand-controller.
And if you are doing visual work only, it is unlikely that you would need a pointing model. If you are doing CCD work, I am sure that you can place objects on a chip without a pointing model with a 1200 mount. TPoint would certainly make it more likely that it would be centered however. However, if you were doing CCD work, you'd have a computer anyway so you COULD use TPoint for pointing.

So the point is, if you are using a hand-controller, it is likely that you are doing visual work, and a pointing model in that case simply gives you bragging rights and really will contribute little to your viewing enjoyment.

Enjoy your mount, worry less.


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